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Natural Sounding Divisi

Synful Orchestra sections simulate realistic and natural divisi. For example, suppose MIDI channel one has its Program set to Ten_Violin, a ten violin section Program you have created. If you play a monophonic line on channel one then all players will play that line with appropriate variations as described above. If you suddenly play a ten note chord on channel one then each Player will play one note in the chord. This creates a much more natural effect then a sampled violin section in which a ten note chord may sound like it's being played by 100 players. The Synful Orchestra section automatically adapts to the changing polyphony of the part. If you play 3 note chords or polyphony on channel one then the ten Players distribute themselves automatically 4-3-3 across the notes. If you return to monophonic playing the all ten players return to the same notes. If you have selected Ten_Violin and you play an  11 note chord then Synful Orchestra will add the necessary number of players, temporarily, to fill the entire chord.

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